List of upcoming NEEMF events

Sat, 19 Sep 2020

Saturday 19th Sept 2020

Sisters of Ferrara:

An introduction to singing equal-voice polyphony

led by Laurie Stras

Clements Hall, York

A workshop for women’s voices (tenor range included)

supported by bass viol and keyboard


Sat, 24 Oct 2020

Saturday 24th October 2020

AGM workshop conducted by Alison Kinder

Ecco Vinegia Bella - Behold Beautiful Venice

Clements Hall, York.


An Italian polychoral day with pieces by Andrea and Giovanni Gabrieli, Ascanio Trombetti and Leonardo Casolani. For everybody! Absolutely everyone is welcome to join us for a day in (mostly) Venice - singers of all voice parts, recorders, viols, baroque strings, brass, curtals. Realistically, though, there is unlikely to be a suitable home for windcaps on this occasion. The pitch will be A 440.

The joy of working in multiple choirs is that you can take the opportunity to find yourself in very different sound worlds. Alison will make it clear which instruments and voices are required in each choir, and then you can choose whether you fancy singing in a choir with brass, playing your viol in a viols and recorders choir, or at the bottom of a choir that is otherwise vocal, singing bass in an acapella choir, or in a choir where all the other parts are being played - if you look carefully at all the various options you should be able to plan yourself an adventurous day!

The pieces we will work on are:

Andrea Gabrieli – Ecco Venegia Bella a12 (two choirs) A secular text in the polychoral tradition that we would usually associate with great religious works for San Marco. It is in praise of Venice, and of the young King Henry III who was visiting the city.

Leonardo Casolani - Ave Maria a12 (three choirs) A short but exquisitely beautiful setting of the Ave Maria by a composer who is otherwise virtually unknown.

Giovanni Gabrieli – Amor, Dove Mi Guidi a12 (three choirs) Another secular text, this time about love (as always, unrequited!) but the author will laugh in the face of it, and be happy because his lady lives and therefore so does love!

Ascanio Trombetti – Misericordiae Tuae a12 (three choirs) Mr Trombone actually worked in Bologna rather than Venice, but we’ve allowed him to visit with this beautiful setting of Great Is Thy Mercy.

Alison Kinder is a viol player with Chelys consort of viols where she enjoys researching and performing programmes covering all aspects of consort music. She has a particular interest in Renaissance viols (early viols made with no soundpost) with The Linarol Consort who play on copies of the earliest surviving viol. Venturing into the 18th Century with a beautiful 7-string viol named Flo, Alison plays with lutenist Lynda Sayce in Apollo's Revels, working alongside two baroque dancers. Alison has a great love of working with singers, and the affinity between the sound of the viol and the voice. She has recently been enjoying working with Musica Secreta, recording the newly discovered complete Lamentations of Jeremiah by Antoine Brumel. 

A keen teacher of both children and adults, Alison is a tutor on a number of Early Music courses including the Easter Early Music Course and Norvis, and she regularly leads workshops for the various Early Music Fora. She is co-director of Rondo Viol Academy, which runs weekend courses for players of all standards from Elementary to Advanced.

Application form later, COVID-19 permitting.

Sat, 9 Jan 2021

NEEMF  workshop for Singers with David Allinson

Music for Epiphany and the Baptism of the Lord

Newcastle upon Tyne. Details later.